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Our Company
     Established in 1997, Vision Home Health Care, Inc. is operated and managed by a Physician and his wife, a Registered Nurse. Together they have over 50 years of experience which contributes to the superb level of quality assurance.
Our Scope Of Service
     All care is provided without regard to national origin, race, age, ethinic group, sex, religion or disability.
  • Clients are accepted for treatment and services on the basis of reasonable expectation that the client's medical, nursing and social needs can be met adequately by the agency in the patient's place of residence.
  • Clients of all ages who are covered under MEDICARE shall be accepted.
  • Clients not covered by Medicare may be accepted as PRIVATE PAY clients when this agency can be reasonably sure of payment for services rendered.
How Do I Make Referral ?
  • Verify if the patient is Homebound according to Medicare guidelines
  • Gather patients identifying data:
    • Name
    • Birthdate
    • Address where patient will be staying
    • Telephone number (If available)
    • Emergency contact info (Name, Relation, Phone #)
    • Admission and discharge dates, when hospitalized (If coming from a hospital)
    • Medicare ID
    • Primary physicians name and phone #.
  • Have a signed order from the physician including:
    • Patient's diagnosis(es)
    • Recommended care and therapies
    • Medications currently prescribed
    • Name of PCP or name of Physician who will be signing orders for the duration of care.
Accredited By JCAHO
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